"...Here we are in this life meditation, here we are co-manifesting in creation...we choosin' Peaceful Creations..." - jSun


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We'll be performing at the 2019 Kultrun World Music Festival

on Saturday July 13th in Victoria Park in Kitchener

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Waves and Sunshine


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The music


Sync your mind, move your body and satisfy your soul with Jsun’s music.

With funky, strummy reggae rhythms, chilled-out drum grooves and a sunny acoustic sound, J’s solo and collaborative flows will take you on a journey to the places that uplift/calm you.



J comes with conscious lyrics over mellow rhythms. A positive message of our unity and love is present.


The infusion of African Drums in live shows is a wonderful treat that brings us back to roots. Great for a mellow shakedown.


Art - Peaceful Creations

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Various original artwork inspired by nature's beauty.

"Simply sharing what we love to do. Love and Light to all."